Translation Services Moscow

TSM will translate CAU documents

Translation and localisation of documents play a significant role for the university when entering the world stage. On November 1, 2019 Translation Services Moscow and Central Asian University entered into a cooperation agreement, under which TSM will provide translation services for technical, legal and financial documents related to the CAU development strategy.

By the end of 2022, the university had outlined broad development horizons for itself. In this connection, TSM offered their assistance in adapting documents.

Interestingly, CAU is one of the few universities in Kazakhstan that launched within its walls the localisation of educational programs in accordance with the Dublin descriptors for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. This clearly shows the level of need of educational institutions for translation services.

Thus, Translation Services Moscow faces several tasks at once:

  • to translate agreements on cooperation of the Central Administrative Center with leading world universities, including the London Institute of Technology and the English language;
  • to carry out the adaptation of educational disciplines in a remote format into various languages;
  • to ensure the transfer of modernised infrastructure aimed at developing the technological base, systems for providing research, educational and other activities of the university.


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