Translation Services Moscow

TSM and interpretation at Metal Expo 2019

Translation Services Moscow provided consecutive interpretation services for delegations from India and China at the Metal-Expo 2019 International Industrial Exhibition.

On November 12-15, Moscow hosted the Metal-Expo anniversary forum, which was attended by about 600 companies from 34 countries. TSM provided consecutive interpretation services to foreign partners, which served as the beginning of a collaboration between manufacturing and service companies operating in the metallurgy sector. And at the same time, prospects for further work have been outlined.

Metal-Expo has long substantiated its importance for both Russian and foreign entrepreneurs by the effectiveness of communication between participants and the filling of professional knowledge.

Interpretation in the field of metallurgy and other industrial fields is one of the most complex types of technical translations. Its specificity presupposes an understanding of engineering terms and abbreviations. At the same time, this fact makes such a complex sphere one of the most exciting and interesting.


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