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Oil and Gas

Oil and gas industry is replete with a lot of narrowly focused information, such as designing special equipment, operating rules, oil refining technologies and much more. Therefore, this area includes a huge number of specific terms, which obliges the translator not only to be fluent in languages, but also to have in-depth knowledge in this area.

Translation Services Moscow specialises in translation in the following areas:
• oil production;
• natural gas production;
• oil refining;
• petrochemicals;
• transportation of oil and gas
• geophysics;
• geology;
• geomorphology;
• environmental protection;
• occupational Safety and Health.

The many years of experience of our experts in this industry, combined with honed linguistic skills, will ensure the most accurate transfer of information from your documents. Also, to improve the quality of the translation, the translated documents are mandatory checked by the editors, the level of knowledge and experience of which allows them to perform the work expertly.

There some types of documents we can translate for you:
• equipment operating instructions;
• design documents for construction;
• regulations;
• contracts;
• drawings, graphs, presentations;
• reports;
• marketing materials.

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