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One of the most responsible in translation activities is the translation of medical topics. This is primarily due to the versatility of the medical field, which requires highly specialised knowledge from a specialist. The subjects of medical documents are very different from each other, therefore, qualified translators in this field are very rare.

TSM collaborates with extremely experienced professionals who adhere to the wording accuracy, understand complex medical terminology and use specialised literature to transmit information as accurately as possible.

We specialise in translation in the following areas:

• biochemistry;
• biophysics;
• biotechnology;
• bioinformatics;
• microbiology;
• pharmacology;
• toxicology;
• dentistry;
• gynecology;
• dietetics;
• anatomy.

We translate the following types of documents:

• technical documentation for equipment;
• instructions for drugs;
• registration dossiers;
• reports;
• scientific work;
• certificates, licenses;
• survey results;
• appointments, recipes;
• extracts from medical records;
• information;

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