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It is well-known fact – advertising is the engine of commerce. Therefore, in order for the marketing strategy to be justified and effective, introducing the company to the international market, you should think about the competent localisation of your advertising messages. The trick is the ability to correctly formulate the idea that the organisation wants to convey to the consumer. For the target audience of different countries, the “selling” text is selected individually, taking into account the cultural characteristics of the local population. This is the key to a successful advertising campaign.

Our specialists have translation experience in the following areas:

• public relations;
• advertising;
• social media;
• sales;
• digital marketing;
• marketing management;
• sociology;
• brand management.

TSM specialists have a fine sense of all the nuances of phraseological units and idioms of a foreign language, cultural preferences as well as know financial and business terminology.

Types of documents:

• marketing research;
• contracts;
• drawings, graphs, presentations;
• reports;
• journalistic materials;
• video and audio clips;
• advertising texts and slogans;
• catalogs;
• business plans.

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