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The field of jurisprudence is one of the most difficult in translation activities. Standard knowledge and general training of translators is often not enough for a reliable presentation of legal documents that are so difficult to understand.

In the process, it is necessary to understand the difference between the legal systems of different countries, the terminology used by them, the specifics of the civil, administrative, criminal, arbitration and other branches of legislation. This necessitates the professional translation of legal documents.

TSM specialises in translation in the following areas:

• jurisprudence and law;
• political science;
• sociology;
• conflictology.

The many years of experience of our experts in the field of jurisprudence, combined with honed linguistic skills, will ensure reliable translation and will be able to convey the terminology, syntax and nuances of the legal case without distortion.

Types of documents we translate:

• laws and regulations,
• charters;
• memoranda;
• documentation of litigations and decisions;
• contracts, agreements and contracts;
• certificates and certificates;
• licenses;
• statements;
• patents and related documentation;
• special legal literature.

In addition, our company will be happy to offer you documents legalisation: notary certification, apostille stamping and consular legalisation

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