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Information technology

The continuous development of the computer industry creates the need for a comprehensive study of computer terminology. The difficulty of translation in the IT sphere is that often the specialist has to select equivalents to many specific terms. This is due to the fact that English has a significant impact on the formation of terminological vocabulary, thereby causing the absence of similar concepts in the target language.

TSM specialises in translation in the following areas:

• game design;
• web design;
• IT consulting;
• agroinformatics;
• bioinformatics;
• neurolinguistic programming;
• VR and AR.

Experienced TSM specialists will take into account all the subtleties of translation business and ensure the most accurate transfer of information in the field of information technology to bring your business to international markets.

Types of translated documents:

• technical instructions;
• contracts;
• regulations;
• educational materials;
• project documentation;
• schemes and presentations;
• patents;
• marketing materials.

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