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Finance and Consulting

Accounting and financial movements are reflected in bank statements and statements, accounting and tax reporting, which is certainly one of the important documents for the company.

Translation Services Moscow specialises in translation in the following areas:

• economics;
• finance;
• audit
• consulting;
• management;
• business planning;
• production processes.

Translation of a text in the field of finance, audit and consulting requires from a specialist not only knowledge of professional vocabulary, but also an understanding of the banking structure, the basic principles of preparing financial statements, features of business planning and other specific information.

TSM specialists, in addition to perfect command of the original language and translation, have a financial education that will ensure the most accurate transfer of information from your documents.

There types of documents we translate:

• accounting and financial reporting;
• tax and customs declarations;
• reports on marketing research;
• bank documentation;
• documentation on the work of stock exchanges, investment and insurance companies;
• market documentation,
• economic research.

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