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Additional services

Processing of graphical objects (raster image (jpeg, gif, png, tif,) embedded in text in MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint or PDF containing one or more elements to be substituted). One page of the text file can contain more than one graphic object.120 per object
Medium-difficulty formatting: raster or vector file format (ai, cdr, pdf, idd, eps) containing text blocks to be substituted. In these cases, we adapt the formatting to the translation.150 per page
Non-standard and time-consuming work on the layout or formatting of the original including, among other things:
— Layout of documents with complex layouts (containing a large number of text blocks, etc.)
— Processing of graphical objects with a large number of text blocks (over 10), non-uniform background, non-standard font style and layout of the text, etc.
— Layout of drawings (including AutoCAD drawings)
— Prepress layout
— Non-standard and time-consuming formatting of files in MSWord or MSPowerPoint, including after translation using CAT tools
— Other non-standard work
480 per hour
Converting files in PDF and other graphical formats to machine-translatable text format480 per hour
Creating Glossaries480

*Per hour

Notarizing the translator’s signature800 
Notarized copy150 
Apostille stamping4500 
Consular legalisation4750
Certifying translation accuracy150 

*Prices are per document

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